welcome to a soulful appetite!

My name is Danielle. Foodie and Professional Photographer. I started this blog in
2013 to chronicle some of my creative pursuits and cooking adventures.
I am a big fan of experimentation, exploration and learning from my
(many) creative failures. If you are looking for a serious food blog
by a serious food blogger, you’ve come to the wrong place!

When I am not in the kitchen experimenting with food or in my in-home
studio photographing it, you can find me hanging out with my husband
Nick (aka my sexy hand model who’s hands you often see featured in my
posts!), as well as being mom to two fantastic kids and 2 fantastic
dogs. I am also the owner and main button pusher at Danielle Lynn
Photography, photographing Ottawa’s loveliest, most stylish families.

Danielle Bernier
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Danielle Bernier

Danielle Bernier