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My Jewelry Box repurposing DIY project!

About a week ago I was becoming frustrated at the lack of storage I had for my jewelry. Not that I have a ton of it, but having my necklaces sitting on my dresser, tangled in a ball is horrible for both organization and the actual care of what I own. It also adds unnecessary clutter and if you knew the size of my house you’d know how problematic that can be!

I knew straight off the bat that none of the usual jewelry boxes were what I’d want. I’ve seen all that the major retailers have to offer. Some were okay but don’t really go with what little decor my bedroom has and none were my style. I also knew that having one custom made was probably out of my budget and not something I wanted to wait for. I happened to be in Value Village with my family one afternoon and happened upon this beaut. It reminded me of one my Mom may have had in the 80’s or 90’s. Hideous details, missing hardware…but it drew me in with the size and condition. This lovely piece is solid wood and had the funkiest lime green interior which was in great shape given it’s age. I knew instantly that it was only a couple coats of of paint away from being exactly what I was looking for.

Jewelry Box Repurpose

Now that I’ve completed this project I’m thinking maybe it would have been more interesting if I’d taken pictures of the process? It was nothing glamorous though so I can assure you that you didn’t miss much. I cleaned it and sanded it down by hand – just enough to get what was left of the original shiny finish off. Using a teal coloured paint (‘Araucana Teal’ by Martha Stewart from Home Depot to be exact), I used a sponge brush to apply it. I did have to patch some of the original screw and nail holes but all said and done it took three coats. Initially I thought I may varnish it to give it a more candy-coated finish but the more I look at it like this, I kind of like it matte. Hardware was another issue. I learned pretty quickly that I am probably the only idiot that puts the time and energy into refinishing old, piece of crap jewelry boxes so finding anything of a suitable size proved impossible. I eventually did though and thankfully they are similar to the ‘look’ I had envisioned in my head.

Jewelry Box DIY repurpose

Hard to believe it’s the same jewelry box, isn’t it?!

I find painting and creating so therapeutic. I enjoyed this whole process so much that it really makes me have serious thoughts about refinishing and selling these! Am I crazy? Would anyone actually buy one? Not only is it an amazing way to give something old a new life (and potentially save it from a landfill!), but I really do think that it’s such a quirky, unique piece that would look amazing in the bedroom of anyone who loves quirky and unique things the way I do! Definitely something I’ll be mulling over. For now I’m busy filling mine with treasures and searching for a kid-sized one to repurpose for my daughter!