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Greek Feta Summer Salad

My husband will tell you – I get on these little food kicks. I decide I love something, I eat it and eat it and eat it until I hate it. Right now one of those food kicks is Feta cheese. I’ve been known to head into the grocery store, plunk down a couple containers on the conveyor belt, go home and eat big ‘ol hunks of it at a time. Sure, maybe it’s not the BEST habit I could have gotten myself into. But it’s definitely not the worst either. While it may be high-ish in sodium, it’s also high in protein. And when you aren’t eating bread and wheat, high protein is GOOD. My husband will also tell you that I’m VERY good at justifying things 😉
Anyway, being on this kick, I knew I needed to make a summer salad with this to, you know, justify the amount I’ve been buying. So I thought I’d try my hand at one of those Greek-type salads with the tangy/sweet dressing. I know this salad is often made with olives. I, however, think olives taste like bung hole so I’ve omitted them. If you love them, they could be an excellent addition to this though. Same with pasta. If you have a favourite type of pasta and want to add it in, I think it would be super delicious! If you plan to do that though, I’d recommend doubling the dressing for this. Pasta tends to absorb a lot.
Greek Feta Salad Recipe
Greek Feta Salad Recipe

Greek Feta Salad

– 2 large ripened tomatoes
– 1/2 large English cucumber
– 1 chunk of Feta cheese (the piece I used was about 1.5 inches square)
– 1/4 of a small red onion (optional)
– 8 fresh Basil leaves
– 1 sprig fresh Oregano
– 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar
– 1 Tsp honey
– 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
– Salt and pepper to taste

– Dice Tomatoes, cucumbers and onion into small, bite-sized pieces and place into a medium sized bowl. Finely chop the fresh basil and oregano and add into bowl. Crumble in feta cheese. Drizzle in the white wine vinegar, honey and olive oil. Season with salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. Toss all ingredients together lightly and serve chilled as a side with your favorite BBQ’ed meal!


Recipe for Greek Feta Salad

Do you have a favorite cool summer salad that you like to make this time of year?