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Thuper Things Thursday #1

Today is the first of hopefully many instalments of Thuper Things Thursday. In this series I’m just going to share things that I am loving right now. Why? Because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. And in case you were curious about how I came up with this brilliant name I’d like to indicate that I do not have a speech impediment. It just sounded better than Super Sings Sursday.

1. This song. Because it’s super thuper fun and the video is adorable. That last couple…RIGHT IN THE FEELS. So sweet.

2. Young Living Essential Oils. Ya, I guess I’ve become one of those people. To be perfectly honest, I’ve always been skeptical of natural remedies and the like. Those who know me know that I wouldn’t intentionally blow smoke so if I’m saying that they are awesome, it means I really do think they are awesome. Diffusing natural, uplifting scents in my house puts me in a great mood and my entire family benefits from that 😉 I’ve also been applying them to my skin for their calming effects and for helping to keep my hormones balanced. Anyway, I’m so not into selling things or trying to convince anyone to buy products from me. But if you are ever curious and want to sign up to buy some yourself, definitely shoot me an email at daniellebernier @ gmail. com (without the spaces) and I’ll share with you what I know!

Essential oil all the things



3. MZ Wallace handbags. Now granted, I’m far too poor to buy one brand new, but the thrill of the hunt in tracking them down on the used market is way too much fun. I was recently able to pick up a ‘Paige’ in black and ‘Hayley’ in tweed for a fraction of what they cost new. Now if I could just find a way to get paid to do this I’d be all set. *sad trombone*



Last but not least:

4. My face in a hole made especially for my face.

face in hole


Have a thuper thursday, friends.