I’m baaaaack!

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Hellooooo! Is there anyone here? I know. I abandoned you. I’m sorry. Life got in the way. So much has happened in the months I’ve been absent from this space though. So many SUPER exciting things. I know you’ll forgive me when you know what the biggest one is though…

My family has moved! We went from a small townhome in the city to a much larger fully detached home in the ‘burbs. Most of the young thirty-somethings I know cringe at the idea of moving to the suburbs but I couldn’t be happier. Space to move around, a home with a yard (and in-ground pool – hollaaaa!) and…drum roll please…studio space. Yep, I’ve got an entire formal living room in this fantastic house and it’s all for me to do as I please with. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up space for my photography business but the more I think about it, the more I am not sure I will. Not yet, anyway. First I’d like to use it to really fall back in love with the aspects of photography that I love. Studio stuff with people has never been something that I’ve been especially drawn to. An entire, gigantic room for food photography though? Uhhh…I THINK YES!
Anyway, it might take a while for me to gain momentum but I’m hoping to have a few food recipe posts in the coming weeks including a fun one that took me all day today to compete! I may also make a few esthetic changes to this blog in other ways too so stay tuned for that 🙂


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