The Studio (so far)!

Once upon a time, this hobbiest food photographer had to use her living room coffee table as her ‘studio’ for food photography. Yes, 2 feet away from the glow of my kids watching TV. And yes, I often shot with one hand on the camera and the other hand swatting away two hungry pugs. But at the time it was all I had. Our little townhouse was not ideal in many ways. But we made due.

I always dreamed of having a space I could use solely for food photography but assumed it was never in the cards. Truthfully, the whole idea was very indulgent. I even felt selfish wishing for it. Ottawa is an expensive city to live in. I knew we would eventually ‘move on up’ but figured we’d only ever be able to afford to buy something comfortable. Never a place with EXTRA space. But here it is. My formal-living-room-turned-studio. I have a big beautiful window that lets in all kinds of glorious natural light. Gleaming hard wood floors, enough wall space for my growing prop collection and eventually a funky sofa or something. It’s a work in progress decor wise, but it’s mine.

The amount of gratitude I feel to call this place home is immeasurable. This studio was just icing on the cake in an otherwise fantastic situation.

Food Photography Studio

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